Affordable Care Act... and What it Means to You

Everywhere you turn someone is talking about the cost of health care and how things are changing as a result of the Affordable Care Act. But what do these changes really mean to the millions of Americans and their loved ones who rely on Medicare to cover the staggering costs of hospitalization? Changes are coming which will impact how hospitals are paid, which will inevitably affect how care is provided.

In the US, on average, 21% of the Medicare recipients who require a hospital stay, will return to the hospital within 30 days after being discharged -- that's right - 1 in 5 are returning to the hospital in less than a month. Not only does this place an emotional and physical burden on patients and their families, the financial liability to Medicare and other insurance payers is proving debilitating to our entire health care structure. Especially when you consider that it is estimated that nearly 90% of hospitalization are potentially avoidable.

To combat this trend The Affordable Care Act has put measures in place to financially penalize hospitals for readmissions which occur within 30 days of prior discharge for certain medical conditions. Hospitals and insurance providers will simply not be able to absorb the cost of these repeat stays, therefore, care will inevitably be rationed meaning when you actually do need to be re-hospitalized, you may not be readily admitted. So the search is on for a way to ensure that patients remain stable and at home once they are discharged from the hospital.

While the industry is wrestling with these tough questions, CareCycle Solutions has been busy formulating a solid answer. Through the use of TeleHealth they have achieved 30 day hospitalization rates as low as 6.7% - that's less than 1 in 14 having to return to the hospital. In this case it is NOT too good to be true. This is not a solution that they think works or hope works or might work. It DOES work. And they have almost 2 million patient days of data to prove it. This is a solution that gets the right results (lower cost) for the right reason (BETTER patient outcomes). This is the solution that gets the right results for the right reasons in the right place at the right time.

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30-Day Hospitalization Rate 6.7%.
64% lower than the national average.