Physical Therapy - Say YES!

Say NO to falling! Say NO to weakness! Say NO to decreased mobility! How? Say YES to Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy offers practical solutions and results after injury, hospitalization or prolonged illness that no other intervention can! Sometimes patients are hesitant to say YES to therapy for a variety of reasons, but what they might not realize is that they are increasing their risk of falling while choosing to remain in a weakened state. Thus, they are jeopardizing their ability to be independent. Let's explore some of the common reasons why people say NO instead of YES!

For example, "I'm too weak for therapy." This is the best reason to say YES to therapy! Therapy is inherently designed to make you stronger. Weakness is not only frustrating, but can put you at a greater risk for falling. Strengthening occurs over time, so even though it may not seem like you have immediate results, lots of small improvements will equal big improvements over time.

Another example, "I'm already in so much pain, and I know that therapy will hurt." Sometimes there is muscle soreness or temporary discomfort associated with therapy, but decreasing your pain level is actually a primary goal of therapy! If therapy ever causes pain directly, be sure to let your therapist know right away. Remember, a little discomfort in the short term can translate into significant pain reduction in the long term!

Ever heard this excuse? "I've had therapy before and it didn't work." Did you and your therapist make meaningful goals together? Sometimes people don't think therapy "worked" because they didn't share in the goal making process or they didn't make their goals specific. Finding the motivation to walk 100 feet may not get you moving but if 100 feet gets you to your mailbox so you can enjoy your favorite cooking magazine, now, we're talking about something that matters! What are some specific goals you would like to reach? Talk with your therapist about those goals and go for it.

Final example, "I've lived in this house for 30 years. I already know how to be safe at home." If you have had a recent hospitalization or worsening illness, you may not be as strong or balanced as you once were and you may not even realize it! Things that weren't a problem before may pose a risk now a therapist can help you think about those potential risk areas in your home before a fall or injury happens.

So when your doctor says that physical therapy can help, don't hesitate, don't think twice, and don't decide tomorrow. Say YES to therapy today so that you can say NO to falling tomorrow! Find out more at We have a solution.

30-Day Hospitalization Rate 6.7%.
64% lower than the national average.