What Is Interventional TeleHealth?

CareCycle Solutions specializes in managing the needs of chronically ill patients through the use of Interventional TeleHealth combined with targeted healthcare services.

So what is Interventional TeleHealth anyway? Sometimes, in order to best describe what something is, you must begin by tackling common misconceptions. So let's first explore what Interventional TeleHealth is NOT.

Interventional TeleHealth is not a machine. We do use a machine but it is only a tool. It is not what makes Interventional TeleHealth work. It is a necessary tool to be sure and provides an effective, accurate, and easy-to-use method of capturing health information in real time. But, it is the intervention which makes the difference not the machine.

Interventional TeleHealth is not simply monitoring vital signs. Telemonitoring is the word which may best describe the monitoring piece of what we do. Although vital signs provide an important part of the puzzle and offer a valuable glimpse of what is happening at any given moment, the Health Coaches which navigate the information are the true heroes in the story of Interventional TeleHealth. Vital signs only provide the jumping off point for concern, but solid clinical assessment and decision making is what results in actions that make a difference.

Interventional TeleHealth is not a triage switchboard staffed with non-clinical telephone operators. Our Health Coaches are highly trained clinicians who know how to take action when negative health trends emerge. Our patients do not simply get transferred to another department or "level" when there are health status changes. Our Critical Care Trained clinician teams offer real time solutions to stop a crisis in its tracks. The intervention is what makes our model different and what keeps our patients out of the hospital.

Interventional TeleHealth is not "part of our job." Our Health Coaches are dedicated full-time to Interventional TeleHealth... period. Their only job description is to take care of their patients. It's not part of what they do it IS what they do. Full time - all the time - 365 days a year.

There are many telemonitoring programs. Many companies collect vital signs. Many that use technology. Don't be fooled! INTERVENTION is what allows us to set the bar. Action is what keeps our patients out of the hospital. Many say that their program works, we can prove it. Find out more at CareCycleSolutions.net. We have a solution.

30-Day Hospitalization Rate 6.7%.
64% lower than the national average.