Work Smarter... Not Harder!

There was a young woman who set out to prepare a roast for her family to feast upon. Just like her mother always did, she carefully cut the roast in half before popping it into the oven. For years this is how she prepared her roast: cut it in half, pop it in the oven. Her husband observed this practice and one day asked her why she cut the meat in half before cooking. "I'm not sure", she said. "It's the way my mother always did it. I'm sure there's a reason." She called her mother to inquire, "Mom, why do you cut the roast in half before you put it in the oven? Does it enhance the flavor? Prevent it from drying out?" Mom laughed and said. "The reason I cut the roast in half was because my pan was too small to hold a large roast". It's a funny story with a purpose. Are you doing every day tasks in a way which makes it difficult since you've gotten older just because it's the way you have always done it?

Here are a few simple ideas to help you conserve your energy and still get the tasks done that you need to accomplish.

  • ~ Use a long handled broom and dustpan for sweeping. This will help you avoid bending over.
  • ~ Choose a wash and wear hairstyle. Blow drying, curling and styling your hair takes lots of energy! Pick a style which is easy to maintain.
  • ~ Sit rather than stand whenever possible. Who says you have to stand when ironing or folding clothes? Sit at your kitchen table to fold and adjust the height of your ironing board to chair level.
  • ~ Place chairs throughout your home for "rest stops". Better to rest a minute than be worn out by noon!
  • ~ Is washing dishes wearing you out? Don't! Buy paper plates and disposable utensils instead.

When you're about to perform a task which typically makes you tired ask yourself. "Is there anything I can do to make this easier?" "Is it really necessary that I do this task, or could someone help me?" Save your energy for the things you love: being with family, taking a walk, or having lunch with your friends. Don't let housework sap your strength!

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